How to Protect Your Privacy in Windows 10

Keeping your private information private is an issue for many people. The good news is that Microsoft has a good set of privacy settings that should help you keep your digital treasures safe. There are many settings to choose from, and most are on by default. You can also tweak your settings to suit your preferences.

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Easy Way to Keep Your Private Data Safe

The Windows 10 privacy dashboard gives you a quick and easy way to keep your private data safe. The dashboard provides an overview of the data that Microsoft collects on your behalf. There are settings for tracking your movements and activities, and for using Windows’ built-in security features. You can also choose to limit what your apps can do with your private data. It may be worth it to disable the snooping capabilities of some apps.

 Set a PIN (Personal Identification Number)

Keeping your device secure is always a good idea. The Windows 10 privacy dashboard also gives you the ability to set a PIN (personal identification number), which can be handy for locking your device down, but it’s also susceptible to being hacked. There are also options for automatically downloading online-only files, which is a new feature in the Fall Creators Update

Track Activities With Timeline Feature

The Windows 10 privacy dashboard also includes a new feature, called the Timeline. This feature lets you view your activities on the device, and also allows you to resume opening files or apps from a previous session. This new feature is particularly useful if you don’t always remember to save your work in progress. It’s also an interesting way to see what your device has been up to in the recent past.

Choose Which Apps Have the Most Access

The privacy dashboard also has some other notable features, such as the ability to turn off the tracking functions of some installed apps. This allows you to choose which apps have the most access to your private data. The best part is that your privacy will be maintained even if you turn off the tracking functions of other apps. The privacy dashboard also has a list of the most useful features, including the best apps to turn on or off.

The Windows 10 privacy dashboard also includes the lesser known but still impressive Windows 10 advertising network. This feature aims to make it easier for apps to deliver ads that are relevant to your activity and interests.

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