How to Delete a Blank Page in a Word Document

If you’re using MS Word and you have blank pages in the middle of your document file, or extra pages at the end, It can make your Word document look unprofessional. Here in this article we’ll show you how you can delete blank and extra pages in a Word document.

Deleting Blank Pages From the Middle

If you are having a large word document and want to delete the blank pages from it, press the CTRL + SHIFT + 8 keyboard shortcut. It displays paragraph markers (¶) at the end of every paragraph and each blank line, and you can delete all of the paragraph markers from the page. Once you’ve selected all of the paragraph markers, you can proceed to delete them. Press Delete once per mark to delete them. Note that you might have to adjust the margins of the new page to make sure that it starts at the top. If you’ve accidentally deleted some of the paragraph markers, you may have to adjust them manually.

You can also delete the blank pages by going to the individual blank pages and hitting the BACKSPACE key until it clears. You may also want to delete the page breaks that appear at the bottom of the blank page. Generally, deleting a page break is a relatively easy process in MS Word. Depending on the type of page break, you may need to make the margins smaller to delete it. Alternatively, you may choose to save the document as a PDF.

Deleting Extra Blank Page

Another common problem with Word is the blank page caused by the end-paragraph. Usually, these end-paragraphs are pushed out to the next page if there isn’t enough space on the previous page. The easiest way to delete these page blanks is by making the last paragraph very small. If you don’t want to delete these page break markers, you can also delete the page entirely. This is the simplest way to remove a blank page in Word. However, you’ll have to find where your cursor is positioned to ensure that you can delete the page without any problems.

Another way to remove the blank pages in a document is by deleting individual blank pages which can be found as- View>(Navigation) Pages> (Select Blank Pages) Delete.

Hope, you have learned how you can remove blank pages from word documents. If you like the article, follow us for more!

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